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Pressure profiling your espresso

Many coffee lovers enjoy drinking coffee using many different methods. Of course it goes without say that one of the most popular methods is espresso. One obvious way to make espresso is using an automated espresso maker or machine. Most of us own budget machines that use flow control (pressurized) baskets or portafilters to produce and enhance crema, that beautiful golden foam that we see on top espresso shots. The down side of using automated machines is the loss of control of the coffee extraction.The best ways of producing the perfect shot of espresso is to have full control of the process.

Using a fully manual espresso maker such as the flair signature will slow the process down and give you that control necessary to pull the perfect shot. The flair will allow you to control the pressure you apply (pressure profiling) with its built in lever and using it's included pressure gauge that shows you the bars of pressure (between 6-9 bars) needed to pull the perfect espresso.

There really is nothing quite like using a manual espresso maker, it allow you to immerse yourself in the process of espresso making, and gives you the satisfaction of producing that delicious finished product that we all crave. So take back your mornings, do yourself a favor and buy yourself a manual espresso maker, a quality manual coffee grinder and most importantly a bag of fresh roasted coffee and go get that perfect espresso shot, it quite possibly might change your life!!

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