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Coffee’s flavor origin

Updated: May 8

Coffee, millions of people around the world drink it, in cafes, in their cars, in the park on a nice sunny day, there is nothing that brings people together in social situations like coffee. We all drink it and enjoy its wonderful flavor (when roasted properly of course), but we never stop and think where that flavor comes from. Sure when you roast coffee you are essentially removing all the unwanted flavors while preserving the delicious ”innate” notes that coffee has based on the area, country, elevation even the location of the coffee plant itself. All those factors play a major role in the final taste in our cup. Roasting coffee is truly an art, it is mesmerizing, it allows you to immerse yourself in the process and when you finally get

to taste the fruit of your labor and know that you achieved the goal of preserving all the desired flavors that particular coffee bean has to offer, THAT is the ultimate feeling!!

Latte art mug
Latte art mug

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